Art on 56th- Beirut Art Fair 2016

Fair: 16 - 18 September, 2016 | 3:30 - 9:30pm

Art on 56th is pleased to announce its participation in Beirut Art Fair 2016. The gallery will showcase a booth with works by nine artists mainly from Lebanon. The space will exhibit paintings, sculptures and installations under the overarching theme of Beirut. “What is Beirut to the Artists?” We aim to answer this question by selecting practitioners whose vision of the Lebanese capital is rooted in a personal vernacular. The roster of artists include: Joëlle A. Kurdy, Tarek Butayhi, Zouhair Dabbagh, Naim Doumit, Zeina Kamareddine Badran, Dyala Khodary, Louna Maalouf, Edgard Magizi & Raffi Yedalian

The booth associated with Art on 56th will reveal the work of promising artists and provide a window into Lebanon’s unique culture, history and landscape through the artistic lens. Where conflict stimulates the creative process and materials immortalize fleeting moments, the works the gallery will exhibit are personal glimpses into a lost, reborn and ever-changing realm. These artists are empowered to distinctly depict their experiences in each of their works, which results in an all-encompassing show of local talent.  While experience and environment are innovatively used as a means of inspiration, emotions are drawn from a spectrum of diverse identities.