May , 2016

As part of our strategy to support the importance of Art among our students and based on our continuous commitment to offer the best experiences to them, we are pleased to host Joëlle A. Kurdy’s exhibition for the first time in Abu Dhabi as it is a great opportunity for our students and the local community to know more about this inspiring woman and understand Art from her point of view

For Immediate Release, Dubai, April 2016 – Lebanese Entrepreneur and former make up artist, Joëlle A. Kurdy, will be exhibiting a series of paintings titled ‘Wheel Of Life’ at La Sorbonne in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday May 10th, 2016 from 6pm – 8:30pm.

After moving to Abu Dhabi in 1976 and establishing the first Luxury Beauty Centre’s, Joëlle A. Kurdy honed her passion for make up through bringing wellness to the Arab woman’s beauty, mind, body and soul.

After perfecting the art of using the face as a canvas for artistic expression, Joëlle A. Kurdy began transcending make up artistry and swapping the face for a cotton canvas, experimenting with silk painting, charcoal drawing, utilising both acrylic and ceramics, water and oil.

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