Narimane Kurdi is pleased to present selected pieces from Joëlle A. Kurdy acclaimed 'Wheel of Life’ series for the first time in Dubai


Compilation of works from series exploring the relationship between the now and timelessness arrives in Dubai for the first time

16 February 2017, Dubai UAE - Narimane Kurdi is pleased to present selected pieces from Joëlle acclaimed'Wheel of Life’ series for the first time in Dubai.  Coinciding with Art Week 2017, initiated by Art Dubai Group and supported by the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority and Dubai Design District, the show offers a glimpse into the artist's rich inner world, with works on canvas that dance between collage and paint and play on the juxtaposition of seemingly unrelated items to produce an ironic twist on the expected. The highlights from ‘Wheel of Life’ will be displayed in Dubai’s Design District from March 12-18. 

After perfecting the art of using the face as a canvas for artistic expression, Joëlle began transcending her genre,swapping the face for a cotton canvas, experimenting with silk painting, charcoal drawing, utilizing acrylic, water and oil.

The Wheel of Life is one of Joëlle’s most notable bodies of work. Each piece is designed to hang togetherin a thread, offering spiritual, inventive ways of looking at a new world. Each incorporates an eclectic selection of vintage photographs, books and magazines old and new, to examine the relationship between the current day and timelessness. The artist’s method sees her moving contrasting images around until some pieces just feel right, with the idea of creating completely new meanings and provoking theparticipant to new, unexplored territory. 

Selected pieces have been curated to evoke the most powerful response in the viewer.  Individually, the pieces offer a deep exploration of one woman’s internalfabric, opening new ideas dealing with the unlimited unknown. Together, they represent a progression of ideas and a symbiotic and visually pleasing aesthetic journey. 

Joëlle comments, "My work has survived the wave of information, and remains an unpredictable source of my imagination. My art is to explore processes allowing the instinct to have its say with personal integrity. Combining images with no relationship to each other, evoking emotions and creating a dialogue between elements in perpetual movement while keeping the conversation going.” 

The series will be presented in NK Luxury Consultancy (NKLC), a boutique-consulting house based in Dubai Design District headed by Narimane Kurdi. The company is dedicated to helping established, international, luxury lifestyle brands create presence in Dubai and The GCC.

The Wheel of Life, Building Four, Office 205

Dubai Design District

Dubai, UAE 

March 12 – 18 2017

Weekdays, 3pm – 8pm 

Weekends, 12pm – 7pm